Sober Living San Diego

Redefining Living Sober

Long-term, client-focused, and custom-tailored treatment

Sober College San Diego is the best choice for those who have a willingness to stay sober, and seek a supportive and active recovery community. All of our offerings - intensive outpatient, outpatient, academic outpatient, and structured sober living - allow our clients to tailor the program to achieve their individual goals. We teach them the tools and then actively monitor their progress as they build an independent and balanced new life.

  • Location

    Sober College San Diego clients are housed in luxury sober living apartments in San Diego, CA. Only a short distance to the beach, Sober College San Diego is the ideal place to recover.

  • Education

    We are dedicated to helping men and women not only recover from addiction but succeed in life long after they leave our care. This is why at Sober College San Diego we support all our clients by providing the one-on-one career and college counseling.

  • Comprehensive

    Our comprehensive approach to sober living incorporates sobriety, life skills and developing or discovering passion. Our expert staff help clients live and enjoy life clean and sober.

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